Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Another Patent Blog?

There are already many patent law blogs reporting and analyzing the latest patent news, so there is little need for another blog about recent Federal Circuit cases or announcements from the USPTO. But it seems much harder to find information about recent academic scholarship about patent law or broader IP theory. The Jotwell IP section occasionally has detailed reviews of IP articles, but with only eight posts in 2010 (only two of which were specifically about patents), they miss a lot of great pieces.

I read a lot of patent scholarship, and I plan to link to interesting articles here, along with my brief reactions. This blog will probably be of most interest to patent law profs and students, but I also welcome practitioner and other perspectives. If you have suggestions of recent patent articles I should read or other comments about this project, feel free to email me at lisa.ouellette@aya.yale.edu. Thanks for reading!