Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Antitrust IP Conference at Stanford - Oct. 6

"Should Google be considered a dangerous monopoly, or is competition just 'a click away'? . . . How will antitrust and IP rules apply to Open Source? What lies ahead for Antitrust and IP in China? What is the future direction of the global market for patents? And what are the latest antitrust challenges facing mergers in the technology and communications industry?"

These questions will be addressed at the ABA Conference at Stanford on Oct. 6: Antitrust and IP in Silicon Valley and Beyond. Hear speakers from the FTC, DOJ, IV, Square, Microsoft, and more. Conference participants will also receive iPads and voting clickers for interactive participation! (Presumably you have to give the iPads back.) The conference is free for law students and has a reduced rate for academics. For more, see announcements from the ABA and from Stanford.

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