Monday, September 26, 2011

Top 10 New IP Paper Downloads

It's time to revisit the list of most downloaded IP papers posted on SSRN in the past 60 days. Wagner and Petherbridge on Phillips and Horowitz on copyright remain popular, but the rest are new. Unsurprisingly, articles related to the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act signed into law on Sept. 16 are starting to show up:
  1. [2036 downloads] Predicting Patent Litigation, by Colleen V. Chien (Santa Clara University)
  2. [829 downloads] Priority Rules: An Empirical Exploration of First-to-Invent Versus First-to-File, by David AbramsR. Polk Wagner, (both UPenn)
  3. [808 downloads] The Private and Social Costs of Patent Trolls, by James E. Bessen (Research on Innovation/BU), Michael J. Meurer (BU), & Jennifer Laurissa Ford
  4. [376 downloads] Did Phillips Change Anything? Empirical Analysis of the Federal Circuit’s Claim Construction Jurisprudence, by R. Polk Wagner (UPenn) & Lee Petherbridge (Loyola LA)
  5. [357 downloads] Things You Should Care About in the New Patent Statute by Mark A. Lemley (Stanford)
  6. [151 downloads] Peripheral Disclosure by Jason Rantanen (U. Iowa)
  7. [147 downloads] The FTC, IP, and SSOs: Government Hold-Up Replacing Private Coordination, by Richard A. Epstein (NYU),  F. Scott Kieff (GWU), & Daniel F. Spulber (Northwestern - Kellogg School of Management)
  8. [138 downloads] Copyright's Asymmetric Uncertainty, by Steven J. Horowitz
  9. [133 downloads] Beyond Refusal to Deal: A Cross-Atlantic View of Copyright, Competition and Innovation Policies, by Ariel Katz &Paul-Erik Veel (both U. Toronto)
  10. [127 downloads] Worth a Thousand Words: The Images of Copyright Law, by Rebecca Tushnet (GULC)

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