Monday, November 12, 2012

Top 10 New IP Paper Downloads

Colleen Chien still tops the list of the most downloaded IP papers that were posted on SSRN in the past 60 days:
  1. Startups and Patent Trolls, by Colleen Chien (also see her "Ten Ways Startups Can Deal with Patent Troll Demands")
  2. The America Invents Act 500: Effects of Patent Monetization Entities on US Litigation, by Sara Jeruss, Robin Cooper Feldman, and Joshua Walker (using the same data as the forthcoming GAO report on NPEs/PAEs/PMEs/trolls or whatever they are called these days)
  3. Facebook's Afterlife, by Jason Mazzone (see press release and CNET article)
  4. The Potential Extraterritorial Consequences of Akamai, by Timothy Holbrook (discussed on PatentlyO)
  5. Why the Right to Data Portability Likely Reduces Consumer Welfare: Antitrust and Privacy Critique, by Peter Swire & Yianni Lagos (which Peter will be discussing at the Yale ISP today!)
  6. Brief of Digital Humanities and Law Scholars as Amici Curiae in Authors Guild v. Google, by Matthew Jockers, Matthew Sag & Jason Schultz ("[T]he digitization of books for text-mining purposes is a form of incidental or intermediate copying to be regarded as fair use as long as the end product is also nonexpressive or otherwise non-infringing.")
  7. Copyright’s Mercantilist Turn: Do We Need More Copyright or Less?, by Glynn Lunney ("Using a hand-coded data set examining the number of new artists and cover songs in the top fifty of the Billboard Hot 100 chart in the first week of each month for the years 1990-2010, I show that while music industry revenue has fallen sharply since Napster opened its virtual doors, output in the music industry, both in terms of quantity and quality, has increased just as sharply.")
  8. Planning in the Digital Age, by Gerry Beyer (estate planning for "digital assets" such as social networking accounts)
  9. Graduated Response American Style: 'Six Strikes' Measured Against Five Norms, by Annemarie Bridy (assessing the Copyright Alert System)
  10. Competition in Information Technologies: Standards-Essential Patents, Non-Practicing Entities and FRAND Bidding, by Herbert Hovenkamp (arguing that NPEs that decline to participate in standard setting organizations should still be held to that royalty as a measure of damages)

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