Monday, February 11, 2013

Top 10 New IP Paper Downloads

Here's an updated list of the most downloaded IP papers that were posted on SSRN in the past 60 days:
  1. How the JPML Can Benefit from the Federal Circuit and Vice-Versa, by Christopher Paul Nofal (discussed on Written Description)
  2. Money from Music: Survey Evidence on Musicians’ Revenue and Lessons About Copyright Incentives, by Peter C. DiCola (discussed on Techdirt, Duane Morris's blog, World IP Review, RT, Music Business Research, The Trichordist, etc.)
  3. The Google Shortcut to Trademark Law, by Lisa Larrimore Ouellette (discussed on Eric Goldman's Technology & Marketing Law Blog)
  4. Leistungsschutzrecht für Presseverlage: Müsste Google wirklich zahlen? – eine kartellrechtliche Analyse (Ancillary Copyright Law for News Publishers: Would Google Really Have to Pay? – An Antitrust Law Analysis), by Christian Kersting & Sebastian Dworschak (concludes that Google does not have antitrust obligation to index and display publishers' content if new law protected snippets ... but note that the paper is in German)
  5. Patent Assertion Entities, by Colleen V. Chien (presentation slides from the DOJ/FTC workshop on PAEs)
  6. The Law of Friction, by William McGeveran (analyzes benefits and drawbacks of "frictionless sharing," such as the Washington Post Social Reader automatically publishing users' activities on Facebook)
  7. International Jurisdiction over Copyright Infringements in the Cloud, by Toshiyuki Kono & Paulius Jurcys
  8. The HOB-Vín Judgment: A Failed Attempt to Standardise the Visual Imagery, Packaging and Appeal of Alcohol Products, by Alberto Alemanno
  9. The Fashion of TV Show Formats, by Stefan Bechtold (discusses why the TV show format market is thriving despite low IP protection)
  10. Top Tens in 2012: Patent, Trademark, Copyright and Trade Secret Cases, by Stephen M. McJohn

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