Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Top 32 Experienced IP Scholars by (m)-index

After Dan Burk calculated the top IP scholars by h-index using Scholarometer, several scholars suggested to him that it would be interesting to normalize the results by seniority (because the h-index has a known seniority bias). Some bibliometricians have done this by using the m-index: the h-index over the years since the first publication. Because many legal scholars publish an early law review note well before beginning their academic careers in earnest, Burk decided to use a modified m-index: the h-index over the years in full-time law teaching.

The m-index literature warns that this number does not stabilize until well into a scholar's career when the denominator becomes larger, so Burk only calculated his modified m-index for those teaching ≥10 years (as determined from the AALS directory and/or CVs). Here are the 32 scholars with the highest m-index using this method, which makes an interesting comparison to the previous table.

1Mark LemleyStanford3.65
2Peter YuDrake2.23
3Lawrence Lessig*Harvard1.78
4Yochai Benkler*Harvard1.72
5Dan BurkUC Irvine1.67
5Christopher Yoo*Penn1.67
7G. Parchomovsky*Penn1.62
8Robert MergesUC Berkeley1.50
8Jonathan ZittrainHarvard1.50
8Rebecca TushnetGeorgetown1.50
11M. Abramowicz*GWU1.46
12Brett FrischmanCardozo1.42
13John DuffyVirginia1.43
14Michael Froomkin*Miami1.37
14Jay KesanIllinois1.37
16Ben DePoorterUC Hastings1.36
17David McGowan*San Diego1.31
17Daniel Gervais Vanderbilt1.31
19Pamela SamuelsonUC Berkeley1.30
19Frank Pasquale*Maryland1.30
21C. CotropiaRichmond1.27
22Jane GinsburgColumbia1.26
23Thomas CotterMinnesota1.25
23Katherine StrandburgNYU1.25
25Julie CohenGeorgetown1.16
25Robin FeldmanUC Hastings1.16
25Sonia Katyal*Fordham1.16
28Polk WagnerPenn1.14
29Arti RaiDuke1.12
20Michael MeurerBoston U1.11
31David OpderbeckSeton Hall1.10
31Matthew SagLoyola Chicago1.10

* Denotes significant legal publications outside of intellectual property.

Update: This table was corrected on 8/31/14 to add Ben Depoorter.

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