Monday, January 12, 2015

Introducing New Blogger: Michael Risch

I'm thrilled to welcome Professor Michael Risch (Villanova Law) as a new Written Description blogger. He is a prolific scholar whose work includes detailed empirical studies of NPEs, an investigation of America's first patents, and thoughtful analyses of patent licensing markets. His work on patentable subject matter has been cited by the Supreme Court, and his work on the utility requirement of patent law was some of the first scholarship highlighted on this blog. He has even written about the doctrine for which this blog is named.

Risch has blogged at Madisonian, PrawfsBlawg, and Patently-O, and he has contributed to my classic patent scholarship project. I can also say from experience that he is very generous with young scholars; even when I was still a law student, he was always willing to give me detailed comments on drafts, and he was one of the people who made me feel very welcome at my first IP Scholars Conference. I look forward to his contributions to Written Description!

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