Saturday, July 16, 2011

Non-Faculty IPSC Presenters

The annual IP Scholars Conference is at DePaul this August, and the abstracts of accepted papers have been posted. According to the latest updates to the conference website, there are 137 presenters, and 19 of us do not have tenure-track faculty positions. What are the other non-faculty presenters currently doing?

Six presenters are VAPs—Jorge Contreras, Paul Gugliuzza, Anna Bartow Laakmann, Zahr SaidKaren Sandrik, and Chris Seaman—and seven are academic fellows—Stefania Fusco, Lital Helman, Brian Love, Andres Sawicki, Jenny Sheridan, David Simon, and Juha Vesala. Michal Shur-Ofry is a lecturer at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Samantha Zyontz is Senior Research Associate at the Searle Civil Justice Institute at George Mason. Daniela Simone is a doctoral student at Oxford. Finally, Jonathan Hillel is an associate at Skadden, and Dmitry Karshtedt is beginning practice at Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati.

Many of the posted abstracts sound really interesting, so I look forward to meeting these and other IP scholars at IPSC, and to blogging about their work in the coming months! Most of these papers are not available on SSRN or elsewhere yet, but you can read Dmitry Karshtedt's Did Learned Hand Get It Wrong?: The Questionable Patent Forfeiture Rule of Metallizing Engineering Co. v. Kenyon Bearing & Auto Parts Co., and I also recently revised my working paper, Do Patents Disclose Useful Information?

I probably won't be posting much in the next couple of weeks, as I finish studying for the bar exam (which, as I've noted, does not involve IP) and get ready to move. But I'll be back later in August, and I have a few new voices who will be taking over as I start clerking. (I am always open to potentially adding other co-bloggers, so if you want to blog about IP scholarship, send me an email.)

Updates: I originally listed Samson Vermont, but he is a visiting associate professor, not a visiting assistant professor (he was previously an assistant professor at GMU). And I originally missed Chris Seaman (VAP at Chicago-Kent), whose work I have blogged about before, and who has an interesting extended abstract about joint ownership of IP. Feel free to email me with other corrections!

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